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What is the aim of CHPL Group?

Communities Heritage Private Limited was formed with the idea of adding value to the lives of the people who live, work and grow together. We strive to build a close-knit, sufficient community of businesses, consumers, sellers, buyers and institutions by bringing them on a single platform through the power of technology so that they engage among themselves & benefit symbiotically.

What is My Association App?

My Association App is a platform that bring together business owners from a specific area. My Association application ranges from nationwide associations to those that encompass businesses in individual states, countries, cities or neighborhoods. A professional and efficiently managed association with the committee & every member onboard on a single and smart platform to interact, decide & grow together.

What is MyCo App?

MyCo is well-thought-out and seamlessly designed mobile application based digital platform that allows any enterprises to create successful and interconnected ecosystems that can help in budding professional culture and business enhancement processes enormously in larger benefits including connectivity, decision making processes, communication, knowledge sharing, emergency situations etc.

What is Smart Society App?

A Smart Society Management App powered by CHPL, to make living in residential societies for members a valuable experience. Everything, right from managing visitors entry to ensuring seamless payments digitally, all in one app.

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